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Travelzoo is one of the best travel sites on the web

Travelzoo is most likely the most advanced travel site on the web today. It covers everything from quick vacations, theater tickets, auto rentals through hotels, airlines and all other travel bargains worldwide.

The site is extremely well organized. Not only does it profile the "Top 20" bargains of the week. It divides other bargains among several categories, which include: Airlines, Car Rentals, Hotels, Package Deals and Vacation get-a-way.

Any traveler would be remiss in not at least surveying the site once they have determined where and when they want to take a trip, whether it be for one day or one month. Travelzoo seems to cover wherever you want to go, not only in the United States but abroad.

I have made at least a dozen travel arrangements in the last year. Many websites offer you bargains which you are locked into from the moment of booking. Travelzoo allows you to book directly with the provider and cancel pursuant to the provider's calendar NOT the booking agent.

A great travel resource for any traveler whether business, personal, or vacation. I wouldn't book with anyone with first checking these guys out. Truly they have their act together.

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